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All about web‑design 

Design is an important factor in the success of any Internet resource!

We make projects convenient, visually attractive and understandable for the target audience.

What tasks does web design solve?

One of the tenets of modern web‑design - interaction with the site should give a sense of comfort and ease.

A properly designed online store will bring more customers, a promo‑page will increase brand loyalty, and a web‑service will make the world a little better.

Define goals

  • Before you start designing, we delve into your project.
  • Study the target audience, its needs, behavior features.
  • Try to understand how people are more comfortable to interact with the product, what is important for them.

Creating prototypes

  • Then we make a prototype on which we test user behavior scenarios.
  • After testing the hypotheses, we make the necessary changes and approve the design.

Conduct tests

  • Testing helps all design elements find their place on the page.
  • The finished project will work exactly as we expected.
  • Everything is not just like that‑from the color of the button to the font size. Each pixel performs its task.

Why order from us 

Precise scheme of work

The creative process is divided into stages that are understandable for the customer. Coordination for each stage allows you to do the work on time.

Professional experience

Develop complex interfaces for portals and web‑services. Our experience guarantees the achievement of the result in the shortest way.

Qualified team

Designers are constantly improving. Our design is real work, not blind following trends.

Final result

We believe that design should solve the problem. To attract customers, to sell, improve image, create a mood.

Cost of services 

from 800 to 2.200 $
from 1 to 2 months
Corporate identity
from 1.600 to 7.000 $
from 1 to 3 months
Interface development
Under mobile application
from 4.000 to 16.000 $
from 2 weeks to 2 months
Interface development
Under mobile application
from 2.400 to 7.000 $
from 2 weeks to 4 months
Interface development
Under the web‑service
from 2.400 to 4.700 $
from 2 weeks to 2 months
Interface design
Under the web‑service
from 150.000 to 450.000 $
from 2 weeks to 4 months

The final price is calculated from the composition of works, which is formed individually for each client, based on his business goals and objectives.

Work together 

To get started, we need to talk to you. It is enough to tell a little about the task, specify contacts, and we will contact to discuss everything.

Introduce yourself

Tell us as much as you can

Deadline for execution from 1 day
Budget from 10000 $ to 450000 $


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