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Technical specification 

If you are still making a decision on choosing a company to develop the site, order the writing of technical specifications and prototyping.

Having a professional technical specification and prototypes, you can contact any Studio and order the development of the final product.

What does it give you?

  • No one‑time large investments are required.
  • Possibility to think over the structure and logic of the future project.
  • Flexibility in choosing the main product developer.
  • The opportunity to assess the expertise of our employees.

Difficulties of development without technical specifications

  • It is almost impossible to take into account all the working modules and the logic of their work.
  • Disputes between the customer and the contractor, time spent and dissatisfaction on both sides.
  • The customer has no understanding of what the final product will look like.

The importance of creating the terms of reference

  • Clear coordination of the structure and functionality of the project.
  • Saving customer's time by solving issues at the prototyping stage.
  • Compliance with the expectations of the final result at the stage of project delivery.

How build the work 

Pre‑project analysis

We discuss the functionality, structure of the project, labor costs and possible solutions.

Development of technical specifications

Draw up a detailed technical specification that will help to make the project exactly the way you want it to be.


Make prototypes on which it is possible to estimate structure and logic of work of the future project.

Verification and demonstration

Provide a demonstration of this technical specification.

Cost of services 

Technical specification
Corporate site
from 2.400 to 4.000 $
from 3 weeks
Technical specification
Online store
from 3.200 to 5.500 $
from 3 weeks
Technical specification
Web‑service and startup
from 4.000 $
from 3 weeks
Technical specification
from 2.400 to 3.200 $
from 2 weeks

The final price is calculated from the composition of works, which is formed individually for each client, based on his business goals and objectives.

Work together 

To get started, we need to talk to you. It is enough to tell a little about the task, specify contacts, and we will contact to discuss everything.

Introduce yourself

Tell us as much as you can

Deadline for execution from 1 day
Budget from 10000 $ to 450000 $


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