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Technical support 

Information, technical and strategic support - «Sabr.» takes care of all the concerns related to the stable functioning, updating and development of your project.

If the performance of your project raises questions, it is not available, it takes a long time to load or You have a high failure rate, then it's time to order technical support.

How will we work?

  • Requirements definition.
  • The performance of the required work.
  • Create and transfer accesses.
  • Testing the result.
  • Technical survey.

Support includes 

Information support

Banners, articles, redesign for holidays — we completely create and update the content of the site. All you have to do is send us a request.

Project development

The market follows new trends, and technology moves forward every day. We adjust the strategy of development and promotion, based on user requests, new Internet opportunities and ongoing Analytics of the current project. Thus, your site is always at the forefront of information, attracting new customers.

Domain renewal

Your site is always online. We monitor the validity of the domain and renew it in time. So, there will not be that awkward moment when instead of the main page flaunts a message that the site owner forgot to pay for hosting.

Site availability monitoring

Regular audit of site security and its constant performance. Possible problems with the availability of the site can lead to the loss of hundreds of thousands of rubles. To reduce the likelihood of a problem, you can use technical support.


Elimination of technical problems or consequences of hacking. Prompt resumption of the correct functionality of the site.

«Sabr.» — reliable technical support for any projects!

Cost of services 

Ordering package support, you can use the services of any team specialists, our managers will help to correctly allocate time between departments and correctly form sprints for productive work.

Support package
For 10 hours of operation
400 $
40 $ per hour
Support package
For 20 hours of operation
72 $ per hour
Support package
For 40 hours of operation
1.300 $
130 $ per hour
Support package
For 60 hours of operation
1.700 $
170 $ per hour

Work together 

To get started, we need to talk to you. It is enough to tell a little about the task, specify contacts, and we will contact to discuss everything.

Introduce yourself

Tell us as much as you can

Deadline for execution from 1 day
Budget from 10000 $ to 450000 $


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For summary

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