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Mobile applications 

Development of applications for startups and businesses on iOS and Android platforms.

What does it mean?

Mobile applications are a simple, convenient and effective way to get in touch with the target audience. Smartphone owners use them every day: social networks, news, weather, traffic jams, maps.

The reason for the popularity of applications - a person does not need to search and download a site with the necessary information or functionality, everything is already in his mobile device. The application can perform practical tasks: from an alternative to the TV‑remote to the recognition of QR‑codes.

The advantages of the application 


From online ordering to home appliance management. Our applications perform any task: they can be either a Supplement to the site or a standalone program that meets the needs of the user.


Unlike the website, the application does not need to be downloaded every time — everything you need is already on the smartphone screen. The verified design allows to display information correctly and laconically on any device, and interaction by means of the sensor simplifies use.

Any platform

We develop applications for Android and iOS platforms.

Additional profit

If your application is aimed at the masses, then you can connect it to the advertising network and receive bonus income.

CRM extension

The mobile application provides personalization. If a user needs to link their account using a mobile phone or email address, you'll get more information about their audience and new ways to interact with them.

Integration with social networks

Enhance your user experience. From the app, people can share their purchases and achievements on social media, increasing your audience.

The mobile application helps to attract new customers, retain old ones, allows you to automate business processes and improve the efficiency of your work.

The increase in the
audience (viewers)

Get the opportunity to expand the geography of broadcasting and increase the attractiveness of the channel

Maintaining loyalty

Followers of your channel will appreciate the new features and bonus content

To attract advertisers

The growth of the audience will increase the interest in advertising on your TV channel

Cost of services 

Application development
On iOS and Android platform
from 6.300 $
from 1 month
Application development
On the iPad OS platform
from 2.800 $
from 1 month
Application development
On the iOS platform
from 3.500 $
from 1 month
Application development
On the Android platform
from 3.500 $
from 1 month

The final price is calculated from the composition of works, which is formed individually for each client, based on his business goals and objectives.

Work together 

To get started, we need to talk to you. It is enough to tell a little about the task, specify contacts, and we will contact to discuss everything.

Introduce yourself

Tell us as much as you can

Deadline for execution from 1 day
Budget from 10000 $ to 450000 $


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